Saturday, February 7, 2015

Bath & Body Works Sale and Coupon

If you received the Bath & Body Works Coupon Mailer, there's alot of great sale items in the stores!
If you aren't getting those coupons, make sure you sign up on the website amd opt for postal mail coupons. Also, when the cashier asks for your phone number, that will get you mailers too! BBW won't call you.

3 bottles of Walgreens Peroxide and First Aid Kit Bag for $1

In the Walgreens sales flyer, the Walgreens brand Hydrogen Peroxide is on sale for 3 for $1! Because this is a first aid item, you can get a first aid kit bag for FREE! Inside the bag, there are $10 worth of coupons for store brand products! This value is valued at $4.99!
If you go to the store and there is none left, get rainchecks for the 3/$1 peroxide! The first aid kit offer is indefinite for now.
Today at all Killeen, Cove, Heights and Belton stores, military gets 15% off so I paid $.85 for 3 bottles and a first aid kit! Woo hoo!

$2.49 Scott's Paper Towels at Walgreens!

Scott's Paper Towels 6 pack at Walgreens.
$4.99-15% off military discount=$4.24
$1 store coupon from the monthly Walgreens Booklet (located in front of the stores or on
Use the $.75 manufacturer coupon from 1/11/15 Smartsource insert.
$3.24-$.75=$2.49 as the final total. You don't want to pay more than $.80 a roll. This Scott's purchase will be $.41 a roll!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Day I Despise Couponing....the Day After it Expires! Grrrrr!

Seriously.....this can ruin a moment for me, especially when there were coupons that I really wanted to use! Coulda, shoulda, woulda used my coupons! Ugh!
 Even when I am bummed about it, I can still  make the most of it and pay a good deed: PAY IT FORWARD..... I send my expired coupons to people who can use them!
Send your expired coupons overseas! Military families that use coupons, that are stationed overseas on a military installation can use expired manufacturer coupons and use them up to 6 months after they expire!
They don't get the Sunday papers like we do and they rely heavily on our support to mail them. They do have coupon swaps over there so any coupons you send will be put to good use, if not one family but several families!
I have a waiting list of couponers that want your coupons! PLEASE PM ME FOR AN ADDRESS! I will send you an address within 48 hours.
Here's another link if you want more addresses: It called "Coupons for Service Members and Families Overseas" They also send coupon overseas as well! Make sure you "Like" them to get the latest details!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Don't have anything planned for October? Here's a few ideas!

When I am bored, (which is VERY rare!), I like to look at special events going on in my area and see if there'a any good deals on them. ONE place that offers BOTH local events and savings is! Think of it as Groupon and Living Social for the local Killeen and surrounding areas!
COUPONING/MONEY SAVING TIP: Contact your local newspaper company or media website to find out if they offer any money saving programs, just like the site! Why would you pay FULL price when there's an option to save!? Check out the latest events here to save on!


Cultural Activities Center features $27 for TWO Tickets  ($54 value!)o Terri Hendrix Concert with Lloyd Maines on October 11th! Grammy Award-Winning Terri Hendrix with Lloyd Maines! With this deal, receive two tickets to the Terri Hendrix Concert with Lloyd Maines on Saturday, October 11th at 7:30 p.m

 Cen-Tex Roller Girls $10 for 2 tickets! ($20 Value!)The Match, The Meeting, The Movie! On Saturday, October 25th, come watch the Cen-Tex Roller Girls take on the Houston Knockouts! With this deal, you'll receive two admission tickets for the price of one! Cheer on all the girls at the Frank W. Mayborn Civic & Convention Center! Doors open at 6 pm, whistle blows at 7pm. The Cen-Tex RollerGirls put on a family-friendly event; kids of all ages are welcome to enjoy the excitement of the game!

Holding the Line Fishing Guide Service. With this deal, spend $25 and receive a $50 voucher towards a guided fishing trip for one or two with expert fishing guide Bob Maindelle

Absolute Self Defense & Fitness Classes - Back to School Special! Fitness for Kids!Get ready to kick some butt with Back-to-School FitRanx for Kids!  This offer is designed to get your kids strong, healthy and confident at the start of a new school year season. Pay $34 for a $69 package!


Texas Ranger 50% off 2 hour Zombie Theme Shooting Range or Archery Range Outing! Pay $49 for a $99 Package!








Monday, September 29, 2014

Couponing HOT TOPIC: How Many is TOO Many? What Would YOU Do??

This is a picture of a pallet of K Cups being sold at Sam's Club to 1 woman last week. Each box contains 64 K Cups and on sale for $.51 each. So if she was buying a 100 boxes, that's 6400 K cups! (She bought more than 100 boxes but I wanted to give you a general idea of how many K Cups were in it.)
If she was going to donate this, is that a legitimate reason to take all that was on that pallet?
If she was really going to drink all of this, give it away to family members & friends that have Kuerigs, are they going to be able to use all of it before the expiration date? (K Cups don't have a long shelf life.)
Maybe she was buying for herself, some family members and/or friends?

This was certainly a great deal but do you feel that "early bird  gets the worm" deserves it or should she have left some, a few and at least half of what she got for everyone else? She isn't obligated to do so so is that acceptable answer? What's considered a "reasonable amount? Is there even such a word in the couponing world - perhaps a world where everyone has to fend for themselves to find a great deal, regardless of quantity?
Would you be excited for her or upset that she got it? Why?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I Got a Large Pizza, 8 Wings & 2 Liter of Soda for FREE From Papa John's! You Can Too!

 I didn't paid a single penny for tonight's dinner! I will tell you how!

 I bought a $20 Papa John's Pizza Credit for $10 from Buy Texas Deals website! I shared my referral link and when 4 people purchase the $10 package, I received a refund on my original order of $10 and still kept my $20 Pizza Credit!

 There is an offer for $20 meal combo on the Papa John's website for a large pizza, 2 liter Soda and 8 wings! So with my FREE $20 Pizza Credit, it was ALL FREE!! Click HERE to get started! Please note: you have to buy a package BEFORE you are eligible to receive referral credits!